Have a Robust Computer
at Office & Home

With the enhanced work from home opportunities across the world, the need for a robust machine is mandatory. In fact, for offices too, when a computer is not working, there is no work at all. As a result, whether it is the home or office when computers are not working, the productivity is gone and so is the revenue. Being a city-wide service provider, we don’t let you down or get disappointed because of the malfunctioning of your computers. With the competent services of I Fix Point, thorough computer repairs are guaranteed.


When it comes to a computer, it is not only about repairs but also about the diagnosis beforehand. When you have urgent work and your computer stops working suddenly, it makes everything so messed up. Isn’t it? This is the time when an ideal technician is a must. At I Fix Point, we ensure that whichever professional visits your place is the one you will be blessed to have at that particular time.

Above all, it is always recommended for computer users to keep their machines under regular supervision to avoid sudden breakdowns. Our professionals will also help you with the same if you wish to be served.


  • Computer screen repair

  • Glass screen replacement

  • Battery diagnostics

  • Charging port issues

  • Data recovery problems

  • Motherboard replacement

  • Touchpad repair

  • LCD repairs

  • Hard-drive issues, etc.

If you are still confused about whether to opt for our home or office repair services, you can search for “computer service near me” in London and the results will make taking a decision easier for you.