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iPhones are expensive, right? When you are crazy about having iPhones no matter which generation or model it belongs to, you just want to buy it. And when it gets damaged or suffers from a technical issue, you find no other way but purchasing another mobile phone, which not necessarily be an iPhone again. With the repair services offered at I Fix Point, we try to make sure you don’t face any disappointment because of any technical issue that your iPhone may face.

From a simple Android screen repair to battery-related problems, our Ifix iPhone repair services can resolve all possible issues. You can trust us on this.


It’s an iPhone, it’s Apple!!! This is enough to alert us on the standard of repair services to be ensured while we serve our clients. We hire either already experienced professionals who have significant experience in repairing Apple devices or else we hire a passionate individual and offer extensive training and certify him to serve the clients’ requirements. With us, you get an entity to rely on completely with respect to quality, efficiency, cost, and warranty.

Why Choose iFix
iPhone Services?

  • Unmatchable quality repair

  • Unexpected positive results

  • Competitive ifix screen repair cost

  • Licensed technicians

  • Easily accessible services

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