Your Phone Model Doesn’t Affect
Our Service Quality

Since the time we wake up, we hardly spend a second without our mobile phones. After all, phones are the most wanted devices these days. We completely understand that. From playing a game to remaining updated with the latest news, your mobile plays every essential role in your life. In fact, what else can be more feasible that it to carry everywhere you go?

The importance of a mobile phone cannot be ignored and we make sure when you have us with you in London, no hardware issues could bother you.


When we hire professionals at I Fix Point, one thing that we assure of is the skills. Your mobile phones are everything for you and we don’t trust any unskilled individual with your delicate device. The set of experts who are hired have to undergo extensive training and they have to pass an examination to prove their worth before they are asked to go for Smartphone screen repair.

Not to forget, our services come with a considerable warranty.

Our Phone
Repair Services

  • A glass screen or LCD replacement

  • Headphone jack replacement

  • Resolving phone button issues

  • Water damage diagnosis

  • Battery upgrade

  • Camera replacement

  • Signal connectivity solutions, etc.

Please call us to know in details of our services and book an assessment schedule with our experts.